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Dam Belmeken And Peak Ostrets

Facilities cascade "Belmeken-Sestrimo" are located in the northeastern slopes of the Rila Mountains, Rila capture water from the basins of the rivers Maritsa, Struma and Mesta.

The cascade is composed of two zones collection derivations: one elevation 1900 meters and the other 1,200 m elevation.

Water from the upper belt run into the lake "Belmeken" and those from the lower - in daily leveler "Stankovi barracks." Cascade is built on three energy steps:

The first step of the cascade collection includes derivations of elevation 1900, namely: "Bistritsa", "Iliyna", "Monastery" - "Beli Iskar", "Dzhaferitsa", "Maritza 1900" and "Granchar." Water accumulation channel "Granchar" grabs the waters of rivers and Bistritsa Rilska river flow and Eli. Bistritsa River springs from the slope between the Great and Little Bear Peak in Rila at 2600 meters altitude. North Valley Bistritsa this is the Rila River with its tributary Ilyna.

Belmeken Lake

The Belmeken dam, located at 1,910 meters above sea level along the Sestrimska river in Rila Mountain and is part of the cascade "Belmeken-Sestrimo-Chaira." It is the highest dam with embankment dam on the Balkan Peninsula.

The name of the lake means "famous place". It is the alpine reservoir in Eastern Rila, built on the river Danube curve.

Cliffs of Peak Ostrets

Belmeken share stands an impressive outlines of the tops and side elevations. Is limited by the valleys of Sofanitsa, Sestrimska Curve, the river Kardalitsa, the river Kostenishka. It is one of the few titles Rila, which is named after its highest peak - Ostrets occupied a central position between the peak Kameniti of its neighbors the peak Belmeken and the peak Ravni.

Fotinski Waterfall

Fotinski waterfalls are verry beautiful. They are near to the village Fotinovo. Small but deep river passes through the rocks forming the three falls, the largest of which is about 16 m.

Belmeken Lake

Panoramic view of the lake Belmeken and the peaks Belmeken, Ostrets and Stoneware.